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"Synopsis - “Mimesis Of Memory.”"



“Mimesis Of Memory” is an introspective photographic research that took place in Italy, which has encouraged the understanding of the meaning of spaces, objects and the narratives they construct within the means of memory.  Space becomes an integrated part of an individual meaning, and objects become one of the main elements that resemble the existence of past memories. Moreover, the series of images provoke the identification of how each one of us has their own owner ship of space, and the appropriation of their own narratives. The images are miming a journey, in which we find the representation of the loss of a father, a homage to tradition and how the importance of roots engrave the advent of the future, established by the events of the past.


The choice of the title has directly come from the deep interpretation of Mimesis that encapsulates fully the meaning of the project. Mimesis is a Greek word that means imitation, moreover the particularity of it is that it implies to evoke the meaning of imitation of reality in terms of its nature, and how under the philosophical view of classic Aestheticism all form of art are in fact is an action of Mimesis. Other than acting as an individual in the usage of a form of art, I in the gesture of photography highlight the depiction of the imitation of a memory, hence: Mimesis of Memory.


With this project I undertook a camera practise that has brought me into a journey of the discovery of space, understanding how the journey is the setup of the imagery of our memoirs of life. In more depth how spaces are the scenarios of all the events that are the cause of what will be, and how within time they are all interlocked with each other, enabling the creation of a series of imagery to our narratives, our stories.


Loss has been the provocation of the realisation of this project in which it triggered the initiation of the need to observe my past in juxtaposition with my present, pondering in the series of events, which have carved the essence of who I am today. To strengthen the conceptualisation of the project I concede to moments of reflection, in which during the action of resemblance, I discovered the importance of objects and how ‘lost objects’ of distant memories, were the imposing figures of the details of memory and main characters of my depictions.

The series of photographs reach out to tell a story and its dynamics, dipped in a sense of loss and melancholia living in a renaissance of what will be.  

“Mimesis of Memory” is a narrative in which one will find interludes of detail wrapped in the poetics of the lands of Italy, where one will seek a tribute to the appreciation of life events, no matter what they are.

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